Call for Papers: September 2013

The call for papers is out for the Graphic Justice one-day symposium this September! You can view the poster here, or you can read the plain text below.

Call for Papers
This is a call for papers to be presented at a one-day symposium on the intersection of comics and graphic fiction with the concerns of law and justice, to be held at St Mary’s University College, London on 11 September 2013
With Anglophone comics, Francophone bandes dessinées, and Japanese manga, graphic fiction represents an expanding dimension of today’s global popular culture and is a richly innovative form of expression. From the overt law and order focus of many mainstream narratives and comics-inspired blockbuster movies, such as The Dark Knight and Judge Dredd, to the more nuanced examinations of the human condition in graphic works like Maus, Signal to Noise, and Appleseed; from the blurring of text and image in the very medium itself to representations of law, justice, and legal systems on the surface of its pages: comics and graphic fiction are rife with themes relevant to law and justice.
Comics have been receiving an increased level of academic attention in recent years, with dedicated journals and conferences springing up around the world. Yet the significance of comics with respect to the concerns of law and justice has received little critical attention. As a development of existing disciplinary fields such as law and popular culture, law and literature, and legal aesthetics, graphic justice is a research alliance aimed at increasing engagement with this under-explored disciplinary crossover.

Please send abstracts to by Friday 22 March, 2013
For more informationcontact Thom Giddens, Lecturer in Law, St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, London:

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