Graphic Justice: One-Day Symposium draft programme

Below you will find a draft copy of the programme for the graphic justice symposium taking place 11 September 2013 in London. A fun-packed day indeed!

Coffee and registration: 0900–1000

Session 1: 1000–1130

Panel 1A: Law, meet comics Panel 1B: Vigilantism
Mark Zaid, [effect of law on comics industry and content] Fletch Williams and Kurtis Dobie, ‘Kingdom Come: Truth, Justice and the American Way?’
Graham Ferris and Cleo Lunt, ‘Can A Good Guy be on the Side of the Bad Guy: The (Mis)Representation of the Ethics of the Lawyer for the Defence in Adversarial Criminal Proceedings in Comics and Graphic Fiction’ Chris Comerford, ‘The Order Creates the Chaos: Batman and the Dichotomy of Justice’
Kim Barker, ‘Copyright, Derivative Works & UGC: A Comic Inspiration?’ Angus Nurse, ‘Extreme Restorative Justice: The Politics of Vigilantism in Vertigo’s 100 Bullets’

Coffee: 1130–1200

Session 2: 1200–1300

Panel 2A: Race Panel 2B: Talking through comics
David Keane, ‘Minority Rights and Racial Discrimination in Graphic Novels’ Shawn Harmon, ‘Not Foresighting and Not Answering: Using Graphic Fiction to interrogate Social and Regulatory Issues in Biomedicine’
Ian Rakoff, ‘Comics and the making of the American Identity’ Richard Glancey, [Teaching constitutional law with comics]

Lunch: 1300–1400

Session 3: 1400–1530

Panel 3A: Comics vs reality Panel 3B: Thinking about law and crime
Elaine Deering, ‘Themes of Justice in Superhero Comic Book Stories’ Chris Boge, ‘Crimes against (Super)Humanity: Forms of Justice and Governance in Alex Ross’s Justice and Dan Jurgen’s Justice League International’
Nancy Silberkleit, [Comics as a means of tackling bullying] Chris Lloyd, ‘Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Obama’s Drones, Judge Dredd and Benjaminian Violence’
Nic Groombridge, ‘Stepping off the Page: Superhero Crime and Victimisation’ Darren Parker, ‘Rick Grimes’ Lament: Reimaging Lawfulness in a World of the Undead’

Coffee: 1530–1600

Session 4: 1600–1700

Panel 4A: Truth, justice, and Tintin Panel 4B: Violence
David Marrani, ‘Tintin, (Anti?) Hero of Justice’ Nickie Phillips and Staci Strobl, ‘Deathworthiness: Red Team and Cry for Justice in Retributive Context’
Jérémie Gilbert, ‘Graphic Reporting: Human Rights Violations through the Lens of Graphic Novels’ James Petty, ‘Violence, Justice and Ideology in Watchmen’

End: 1700

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