Comics and Pedagogy (and Rock Music)–A Chris Boge Guest Post

Dear All,

I’ve just had an article published in a journal edited by the Austrian government that may be of interest to you for several reasons. Although the journal’s title translates as Media Impulse: Contributions to Media Pedagogy, in my article on ‘Visualizing Histories and Stories’ I touch on topics located in the field of law and the humanities that cannot be understood without contextualisation (e.g. vigilantism, justice, fascism, crime). Moreover, those of us working with students may benefit from a pedagogical perspective on and close reading of (excerpts from) classic graphic novels like Watchmen and Maus –  at least if we intend to take the first part of the compound Graphic Justice as seriously as the second. There are reasons why (reading and teaching) graphic fiction differs from (reading and teaching) other cultural products, such as e.g. novels and films, and in my article I’m trying to briefly highlight what makes (reading and teaching) graphic novels (a) unique (experience) (e.g. simultaneity) as well as what are the features graphic novels share in common with other forms of storytelling (e.g. plot structures). Having said all that, it’s an article, not a book – there was a word limit which I exceeded 🙂 Here’s the link to theonline version.

Secondly, I’ve written and released a rock song that is as much the result of international cooperation as of interdisciplinary thinking. As I’m sure you will notice, the lyrics of the song were inspired by the papers I gave at Birkbeck and St Mary’s. “Superheroes” was recorded, mixed and mastered in Cologne, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, GA. It seems to me that many people think that academics are boring people who, somewhat belatedly, set out to analyze cultural products created by artists. I believe that is a misconception, and in a way “Superheroes” proves that the thesis can be turned on its head: In this case, a cultural product came into existence after someone had done research on a topic in a specialized academic field (law and culture). Below you’ll find links to CD Baby and iTunes, “Superheroes” should also be on amazon, spotify etc. by now. If you like what you hear, drop me a line and I’ll send you the song for free. 

All best, Chris.

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