Comics, Morality, and Indigenous Youth

Hi all,

As the website title indicates this is a research alliance, I thought I might float my latest research interest to see if anyone else is thinking along similar lines. My research team and I are particularly interested in the ways comics can be used to transmit ethical behaviour and moral responsibility to Indigenous youth in remote communities of outback Australia. Furthermore, how traditional symbolism can inform the design without impinging on the intellectual property rights of a clan. Juxtaposed to this aim is a study of the ways in which Indigenous values and norms are being diluted to fit into Western norms of graphic design in comics and novels.

A recent visit by the Director of the Native American Storytelling and Writers Association brought forth a potential collaboration to research and teach courses relating to comics designed by Indigenous peoples. The research will carry out a skills analysis to ensure it fits in with the national curriculum frameworks in each country, but also critique the said framework for its capacity to prepare students for employment in the global market.

If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact me on my university email:

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