SLSA 2016 Fallout

Last week, at the Socio-Legal Studies Association annual conference for 2016, there were two Graphic Justice panels. For those able to attend, it was a highly interesting and valuable engagement on some different uses and approaches to comics in law, and also some key issues of sovereignty and democracy engaged in a selection of comics examples.

It has already been announced that papers from this theme at SLSA2016 are going to be collected and considered for a special issue of the excellent and ever-growing Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship. Details of this special issue will follow in due course, but never fear–even though you may not have been able to attend the SLSA2016 panels, you will still be able to experience the key dimensions of the papers involved.

On which note, there was one major technical hitch with the first SLSA panel. Marietjie Botes of the Visual Law Lab at  was unable to be at the event, but had sent in a pre-recorded PowerPoint presentation, carefully embedded with audio. But, sadly, the machine present at the SLSA was not able to decode this audio data. Marietjie, however, has given me kind permission to post her presentation here on the GJRA blog. Click on this handy link to download it.

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