Crime, Justice, and Anglo-American Comics

Thomas Giddens has published, open access, the following piece in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia: ‘Crime, Justice, and Anglo-American Comics’. The following extract sums it up rather nicely: 

This entry is divided into three main sections: “Crime, Justice, and Comics History”; “Crime and Contemporary Comics”; and “Comics and Criminology.” The first section will trace criminological themes and concerns in and around early comics and their development across the 20th century. The second section will then examine criminological issues in relation to more contemporary comics that have emerged since the broad maturation of the medium in the 1980s. The final section steps outside the chronology to reflect briefly on the significance of comics for criminology and understandings of crime in modern society and culture’.

Read on, dear reader! 

…and see a video of Giddens presenting the paper at Edinburgh law School here.

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