GJRA Discussions 2017: Jill Marshall’s Legal Ideas Factory

Today’s preview of the papers to be given at the GJRA Discussions next week comes from Professor Jill Marshall, who will be discussing her fantastic ‘Legal Ideas Factory’: see the website at http://www.legalideasfactory.com. Here’s her abstract:
Using the tag line Law, Life, Global Action, I have set up a new venture called the Legal Ideas Factory. It is a website containing legal information which each month will focus on a specific area of law with blogs, comics, animation and other videos. There are virtual events such as the Book Club and the Film Club where books and films will be reviewed. One of the sections will analyse legal issues through comic or graphic depiction. The aim of the website is to enable law to be seen and done differently, to probe its potential through alternative methodology to text. In particular, this method is used to enable us to face up to violence and harm, oppression and injustice, so we can aim to deal with it, investigate and do something about it. This chimes with the Graphic Justice call for papers description of ‘the value or use of popular, visual, and ‘geek’ media in understanding law, justice, and related questions.’ 

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