GJRA Abstracts: Lucy Finchett-Maddock, The Art/Law Network

Our final post before the GJRA Discussions next week is the abstract by Lucy Finchett-Maddock (Art/Law Network, University of Sussex). It’s a great introduction to the ‘Art/Law Network’, website here: http://www.artlawnetwork.org.
Following the theme of this conference, I would like to discuss the increasing convergence of art and law, in both legal research and pedagogy, as well as within the thematics of artists and their work, resulting in the setting up of the ‘Art/Law Network’.
There have been an increasing number of collections and events engaging art directly with the theme of law, such as the ‘Art and Law’ exhibition and workshop at the Copperfield Gallery in London (June, 2015) showing the legal conceptual work of the Carey Young amongst others; the brilliant ‘’White Paper’ (The Law)’ art, squatting and legislative convergence of artist Adelita Husni-Bey (May, 2015), as well as the use of art in resistance movements and the more recent TateExchange ‘Who are We Project’ (2017) focusing specifically on migration, borders, politics and law, to name but a few.
Artists hold a unique place within culture where they can transmit and transmute the political, their art providing a space of advocacy and learning, orchestrating a performative meeting point for the happening of law and politics. Likewise, lawyers occupy a similarly unique position within culture and society, where their work is not confined to wealthy city commerce but are the original privy for advice, counsel, rights protection, advocacy – they are the voice for the subaltern.  
Art/Law, will be discussed as an emerging legal methodology and pedagogy, striating theory and practice.  It is argued as a form of legal pedagogy that invites art into law in a critical art-led law practice where a culture of empathy for the Other can be fostered by critically demonstrating the divisive and often violent role of law in forces of social exclusion. 

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