Komos and Nomos: Paper at University of Dundee, 15 November 2017

Some notable GJRA-related events are happening soon. If you want to advertise anything related to Graphic Justice, please get in touch!

See the below shameless plug for Thomas Giddens’ paper, Komos and Nomos (Comics, Law and Disorder), to be given at the University of Dundee on 15th November 2017.
The Scottish Centre for Comic Studies and the Centre for Critical and Creative Cultures are delighted to welcome Dr Thomas Giddens (Senior Lecturer in Law at St Mary’s, London and founder of the Graphic Research Alliance) to discuss, ‘Komos and Nomos’ (Comics, Law, and Disorder). Dr Giddens’ lecture will take place on Wednesday, 15th November 2017, 4-6pm in Dalhousie 3G02, LT1. To accompany this exciting event we have created a short comic with Dr Giddens that will be given away on the day. Earlier in the day we will also be running a comics workshop around the theme of Law and Disorder. The workshop will take place in the Dundee Comics Creative Space, 2-3pm, and is open to all (adults only). Please see below for further information on Dr Giddens’ work:

“Thom’s work focuses on the intersections and interactions between comics and legal theory. Comics, graphic novels, and manga represent a rich, varied and sophisticated cultural medium. Comics have had a huge impact of many aspects of popular culture, from cinema and books, to television and the internet. They deal with many themes important to law and justice, from criminal justice and morality in superhero narratives, to explorations of all walks of human life in the wide variety of comics beyond this dominant mainstream. The intersection of comics with law and justice is an under-researched field, and Thom’s work aims to promote and develop this rich and important cultural crossover. His ground-breaking edited collection, Graphic Justice: Intersections of Comics and Law, was published by Routledge in 2015.

Thom’s currently major project deepens the concern with comics and legal theory, taking a specifically philosophical and aesthetic turn. Building on previously published work around the aesthetics and metaphysics of the comics form, and its significance for law and legal theory, Thom is expanding and developing the core of his PhD thesis into a monograph that examines the boundaries of the rational and textual nature of legal knowledge. This work will explore the problems of legal knowledge-making through critical engagement with a variety of comics and philosophical sources, demonstrating the profound critical value of the comics medium for legal studies.

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