This post was originally published on the Lancashire Law School Blog here: It is reproduced with permission and thanks.  Michael Doherty and Chelsea Cully This blog post describes the development of a project to use graphic design principles and techniques to produce a visually engaging guide to tenants’ rights. Inspirations The project drew on a […]


“Calvin and ‘Hart’: Viewing Calvin’s Disobedience through a Jurisprudential Lens”: Sregurupriya Ayappan

We are delighted to host the following post from Sregurupriya Ayappan, who is a III year student of law at the National Law School of India University. Introduction ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ is a much loved comic strip written by Bill Watterson. It follows the daily adventures of a precocious six year old Calvin and his stuffed […]

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Crime, Justice, and Anglo-American Comics

Thomas Giddens has published, open access, the following piece in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia: ‘Crime, Justice, and Anglo-American Comics’. The following extract sums it up rather nicely:  ‘This entry is divided into three main sections: “Crime, Justice, and Comics History”; “Crime and Contemporary Comics”; and “Comics and Criminology.” The first section will trace criminological themes […]

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GJRA Governance Squad Bios

  Following on from my last post, which contained a snazzy and informative poster detailing the wonderful world of graphic justice, those interested in our project may want to glance at the below image. In amongst the bios of GJRA HQ Officers you will find some info about our research that may well pique your […]

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