The GJRA HQ is the governance committee for the Alliance. Its members collectively determine the general direction and priorities of the GJRA and administer its membership. The GJRA HQ is constituted by members of the GJRA, with a number of specific officer roles available. Details of the HQ Officer roles can be found in the ‘List of HQ Officers’ which is attached as an Appendix to the GJRA Constitution.

The HQ is currently open for additional members, meaning that any member of the GJRA can put themselves forward for membership of the HQ. All members are also free to put themselves forward for any vacant HQ Officer post (if posts are oversubscribed, a majority vote of the membership will be held).

If you are interested in being part of the HQ, as a HQ Member or HQ Officer, please contact contact@graphicjustice.org in the first instance.


Current GJRA HQ membership

HQ Officers:

  • GJRA Chair: Ashley Pearson, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Grid Officer: Thomas Giddens, University of Dundee
  • Lists Officer: Nickie Phillips, St Francis College, Brooklyn
  • Memo Officer: Angus Nurse, Middlesex University
  • Events Officer: Golnar Nabizadeh, University of Dundee
  • Web Officers: Staci Strobl, University of Wisconsin-Platteville (social media); and Thomas Giddens, University of Dundee (website/blog editor)

Full list of HQ Members:

  • Johanna Commins
  • Filippo Contarini
  • Karen Crawley
  • Thomas Giddens
  • Dale Mitchell
  • Golnar Nabizadeh
  • Angus Nurse
  • Ashley Pearson
  • Timothy D Peters
  • Nickie Phillips
  • Simon Russel
  • Cassandra Sharp
  • Staci Strobl
  • Ebru Ustandag
  • David Yuratich