Submit a Post

The Graphic Justice Research Alliance is always open to receiving submissions for blog posts of all kinds, from anyone interested or involved in the network. You don’t have to be a member—if you have something to say, share, discuss, argue, examine, or point out, or have an opinion about something you have read or are reading, please send it along. Posts can be of any length, up to around 2,000 words as a guide, with longer pieces also being considered.

If you have an idea for a post, please send details (or a general query) via email, as outlined in the submission process below.

Although there should be some relevance or interest to questions of law and justice in any post, ‘law’, ‘justice’ and ‘comics’ are all understood very broadly by the Alliance—and of course open to challenge! See What is Graphic Justice? for more on the nature of the crossover.

Here are some indicative examples of types of posts, although other ideas will always be considered:

  • Reviews of comics: Posts summarising and highlighting comics works with potential relevance or interest to the Alliance.
  • Reviews of academic publications: Posts critically summarising academic or commentary texts of potential relevance or interest to the Alliance.
  • Analysis or commentary: More in-depth posts (but not necessarily) critically examining or analysing particular issues or works within the scope of the Alliance.
  • General news: Posts sharing general news items of potential interest to the Alliance, such as industry or publication news, calls for papers, or news of conferences and other events.

Submission Process

You are also more than welcome to send informal queries about possible posts to the below address; we are happy to discuss any ideas you might have. But if you have a more formed idea, please send the following via email to

  • A title for your proposed post
  • A 100 word abstract, summary, or outline of your proposed post
  • 3 to 5 keywords, reflecting the central content or themes of your proposed post

You are welcome to attach a full draft of your post if you wish, but please also include the above details.